Air Conditioner Service Steps for Spring

Electricity demands are 10-22% higher in the summer than in the winter.

This is due to the warmer summer temperatures. A majority of people use their air conditioner units exclusively in the spring and summer months but without proper maintenance and air conditioner service you could be stuck fanning yourself.

The hot summer months are rapidly approaching, here are the best air conditioner service tips to keep you cool all summer long.

Why Keep Up With It?

No matter if you have an indoor or outdoor unit, you will need to have your air conditioner cleaned!

This can be done by you, or a professional, but it is important to clean the AC coils so that dust and particles don’t build up and make the air conditioner have to work harder. The harder the unit has to work, the greater the risk of the unit failing, and no one wants to hear that on a hot summer day.

Without proper cleaning your system may have to run longer, it can use more electricity and cost more, it stresses the parts of the system out potentially making them fail quickly and the refrigerant can even leak.

Air Conditioner Service

What does an air conditioner service do?

By using an air conditioner service you will make sure that you are prepared for the summer warmth. If your unit is outside it’s important to keep all plants trimmed back and to give the unit a bath with a garden hose. Spraying the outside of the unit makes sure that any debris, like lawn clipping and sticks, is flushed out and the system is clean and ready.

Before turning on your system make sure to have the air filter checked, it’s important that it’s kept clean and isn’t starved for air then make sure to test your air conditioner before you need it, turn it on, and make sure it seems to be working then turn it back off, the best way to know is to do it after all.

If you want to go a step further to prepare yourself to consider having your air ducts cleaned and schedule an appointment with an HVAC specialist, they will be able to go through every step with you to make sure you are cool and relaxed all summer long. This can be a good idea too because if there are any issues you will have the ability to ask questions and fix problems that are beyond basic knowledge.

Are you Ready?

Summer estimates call for temperatures in the 80s and above.

With increased heat and humidity comes more demand for the cooling benefits of air conditioning. 87% of Americans have some form of air conditioning, and it is essential that people use air conditioner service to get the most out of their unit. By maintaining the air conditioner you make sure that when you need to cool off you can. If you are worried about your unit, it might be time to schedule an air conditioner service.

It’s better to be prepared today, than too hot tomorrow! Allow us to help keep you cool all summer long! Get in touch with us today.

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