Are you experiencing hot or cold spots in your house? If so, you may have tried to fix the problem yourself by looking for drafty windows or checking your register vents.

Air balancing helps improve the air circulation in your home and also helps your HVAC system run more efficiently. There are DIY methods of adjusting the airflow in each room, but finding the right solution can be a bit of a guessing game. In some cases, you may also need to call a heating and cooling service for repairs or adjustments.

We’ll go over tips on what to do to make your home comfortable and whether you need to call an HVAC service to fix the problem.

Clear and Adjust Your Register Vents

Find your register vents and make sure they’re not dirty or blocked by furniture. Keeping vents clear is one way to keep your home warmer in winter or cooler in summer.

Sometimes, the solution to hot or cold spots is as simple as finding your register vent and adjusting the airflow to a particular room.

If you find the room too warm or cold, close the register but never close it off completely.

Many people believe closing off vents in rooms they don’t use helps save on their energy bills, but this puts undue strain on your HVAC system. Closing off a room can cause your system to heat or cool your home unevenly. The extra pressure may even cause leaks in your ductwork.

Check the Filters

People spend around 90 percent of their time indoors. According to the EPA, installing or using an air filter or purifier can help improve indoor air quality.

Regularly checking and replacing your filters not only improves your air quality at home, but it also helps your HVAC system run better. This means you might be able to reduce or eliminate uneven heating and cooling problems.

Changing or cleaning the filters is also one of the best ways to maintain an AC unit and keep it running.

Need another reason to replace dirty filters? Reduced airflow can cause your system to work harder and can sometimes lead to a breakdown.

Getting an Air Balancing Service

If you can’t seem to solve the problem on your own, the issue could be with your system. Getting a routine maintenance check can keep a small problem from developing into a bigger one.

You may need to call a technician to check your ductwork and HVAC system. Technicians use specialized HVAC air balancing tools and equipment to measure airflow. They’re qualified to test and repair your system when they notice an issue.

Performing an HVAC air balancing could even help save you money by avoiding extensive repairs or a total system breakdown.

Make Your Home Comfortable Again

The process of air balancing means testing and adjusting the airflow in your home to ensure even heating and cooling. You can perform some of these fixes on your own, but you also may need to call an HVAC professional.

Do you think you need an HVAC repair service or professional air balancing? Let us handle all your heating and cooling needs. Schedule an appointment today and we’ll help make your home comfortable again.