HVAC Tips for the Summer

The summer weather is here—is your home ready for warm weather? If you rely on an air conditioner to stay comfortable in the summer, now is the time to make sure your home air conditioner is in peak condition and ready to use. A complete and comprehensive air conditioner tune-up is a must if you want your home to be cool and comfortable – and allergen-free – this summer.  Learning more about the tune-up process and what to look for and expect from the service allows you to reap the benefits of a finely tuned A/C unit and keep your family comfortable even in the hottest of the summer months.

An air conditioner tune-up does more than just make sure your actual unit is functioning. A comprehensive tune-up is a complex process and should include a thorough inspection of all of your unit’s working parts, including the bearings, fan blades, and other internal parts. The amount of Freon in your unit should be checked, and all electrical components need to be tightened down securely.  A thorough inspection of the motor and the components that make your air conditioner work efficiently is a must if you want to reap the benefits of an air conditioner tune-up.

Benefits of a Comprehensive HVAC Inspection and Tune-Up

Boosted EfficiencyHVAC Tips: Is your Home Air Conditioner Ready for Summer

A clean system that is in peak operating condition will do its job efficiently, and well, not only does an efficient system cut your energy use and reduce your green footprint, but it also makes your home more comfortable, too. You’ll find it is easier to get your home truly cool and comfortable in the summer months if your home air conditioner unit is performing as it should. Your system will be in perfect working order the first time – and every time—you need it this summer.

Save Money and TimeHVAC Tips: Is your Home Air Conditioner Ready for Summer

Less energy use means you’ll spend less money each month to cool your home, but an air conditioner tune-up can help you save in more ways than one.  When you schedule a spring or early summer tune-up, you can catch small issues before they have time to turn into larger problems. A 100 degree summer day is not the time to have to call a repair person. Not only will you have a long and uncomfortable wait, but you’ll also be paying higher prices due to the peak season. An early spring/summer tune-up allows you to discover little problems before they turn into a hot and sweaty July nightmare – and a major repair bill.

Reduce the Allergens in your HomeHVAC Tips: Is your Home Air Conditioner Ready for Summer

Even if your unit was running well last year, it has been sitting all winter long, building up dust, and accumulating standing water. Once you turn the unit on, you are potentially circulating these allergens throughout your home as you cool it. Since a good tune-up includes a thorough cleaning and inspection of your entire unit, the dust, mold, pet hair, and pollen that may have accumulated will not have the opportunity to enter your home.

Because summer has now arrived, the team at All A’s Plumbing is ready to help you. Don’t sweat! Give us a call or fill out our secure online form to get in touch to schedule your HVAC inspection and tune-up. We will make sure your home air conditioner is all ready for the summer.