HVAC System Efficiency with Zone Control Systems

Are you one of the many who do not know what an HVAC zoning system is?

Heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) are the culprits when analyzing your home’s energy consumption. An HVAC system is responsible for about 40% of a building’s energy consumption.

Are you trying to lower your electric bill or lessen your impact on the world’s resources? Or are you concerned with saving some money as well?

Your home may have unused rooms or family members who like it cooler or warmer. How can you deal with these issues and at the same time make your home more efficient?

HVAC zone systems are the answer. Keep reading to learn how to save some green while going green.

How HVAC Zone Systems Can Save You MoneySave Green, Go Green: Improving HVAC System Efficiency with Zone Control Systems

Are you thinking about installing an HVAC zone system? Zoned air conditioning systems work more efficiently, therefore, saving you money in the long run. Let’s look at how.

1. Separate Heating and Cooling for Each Room 

Your zoning system is designed to work to meet your needs for a comfortable temperature in each area of the home. These areas are controlled separately to deliver the ultimate comfort in the most energy-efficient manner.

2. System Doesn’t Work as Hard

Closing off vents in unused rooms or rooms where it’s too cold or warm causes backflow and air pressure issues in your HVAC system. The strain on the system shortens its life leading to an earlier need for replacement.

Setting the temperature for each zone or room in your home will not strain the system. A central control system closes the dampers so that you don’t have to manually close vents. The system is designed to close off areas without causing backflow.

3. Different Temps for Different Zones

Is your front room facing east getting really warm in the morning sun? Do you have a bedroom over the garage that feels cold in the cooler months? With an HVAC zone system, you can send more cool or warm air where it’s needed and only to those areas.

If you have a basement, a sunroom, high ceilings, or a lot of windows, this type of system is very advantageous. It will work to adjust to those unique features.

4. Less Energy Use

Have you sacrificed comfort to use less energy and to keep your energy bills down? With a zone system, you can keep rooms that you’re not using warmer or cooler depending on the time of year while keeping the rooms you’re in at the perfect temperature.

You’ll be more comfortable while saving money and using less energy all at the same time.

Equal Heating and Cooling

Now that you know how HVAC zone systems work to heat and cool your house equally and efficiently, are you thinking an HVAC zone system might be the right way to go in your home? We at All A’s Plumbing and Heating are here to help.

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