Winter Plumbing Problems

Winter is a wonderful time of year, but it is also a time that can cause trouble for homeowners. This is particularly true with certain plumbing issues, given the chance of freezing weather and heavy rains, and the reliance on heating systems.

In this blog post, we will look at some of the common winter plumbing problems to be aware of. We will also highlight useful proactive tips that you can follow to limit your chances of experiencing winter plumbing issues this winter.

Frozen Indoor Pipes

Pipes along exterior walls and in uninsulated areas are very vulnerable to freezing due to the cold weather in winter. These pipes can end up cracking or bursting, leading to water leaks.

It can help to allow a small drip from your faucets to alleviate pressure and allow water to keep moving.

Frozen Outdoor Pipes

If not properly winterized, outdoor pipes can freeze.

Many of these pipes serve spigots that are not used in winter, therefore any damage may not be spotted for some time. Proactive steps to prevent this include disconnecting any hoses, draining water, and turning off the valve on the water line serving a spigot.

Water Heater Troubles

Your home’s water heater typically has extra work in the winter months. This can put a strain on your water heater, so it helps to ensure that it is regularly serviced. Common problems include low or no water flow or no hot water.

Ineffective Heating

Due to long inactivity during the warmer months and the extra reliance on it during winter, your furnace and heating systems are more prone to breakdowns. Inadequate heating can be a real nuisance during the wintertime, especially when you are hosting friends or family members for the holidays.

Flooding In Basement

Snow is quite common in New Jersey. When the snow starts to melt, there is the potential for that water to flood basements due to foundation cracks and poor drainage. A well-maintained sump pump can help, so make sure that it is working ahead properly ahead of the winter season.

It also helps to inspect your basement walls and foundation for any cracks or water leaks and repair them as necessary.

Winter Plumbing Problems To Be Aware Of

The winters in New Jersey can be challenging, with temperatures in January often as low as 25°F. Snow is most common in February, with occasional snowstorms. Now is the best time to get your home ready for these cold winter months and prepare for these common winter plumbing problems.

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