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Well Pressure Tanks

Anyone who is getting their water from a well on their property knows how important a well pressure tank is. Well pressure tanks not only maintain the water pressure for the home but also serves as protection for the life of the well pump. The well pump delivers water into the pressure tank which compresses the air in the tank until it reaches the preset level which averages 40-60 lbs. psi.

When a faucet is turned on, the air pressure inside the tank forces the water out until the pressure has dropped to the preset level normally 20-40 psi. Once it reaches this level the well pump turns on to refill the tank to the restored set level. The amount of water that is delivered to the home before the pump turns on, is called “the drawdown.”

The size of the pressure tank is determined by the amount of water that the well pump can draw in a 1-2 minute time frame. Well tanks come in various sizes with small ones being only 10 gallons and larger ones up to 200 gallons. The average home will use a tank that holds about 44 gallons with a 16-gallon drawdown.

Benefits of a Well Pressure Tank

  • Keeps constant water pressure in the home
  • Maintains the life of the well pump
  • Provides instant access to well water without turning on the pump
  • Reduces stress on the well pump

Possible Pressure Tank Problems

Your well pressure tank is designed to keep the water pressure at a constant level in the home. Inside the tank is an air bladder that keeps the water and air separated. If this were not operating properly the pump would turn on and off quickly. When this occurs, it is called “cycling” and will burn your well pump out much quicker.

Well pumps need to be replaced over time because the bladder fails inside the tank and the air and water mix together.

Best Well Pressure Tanks

There are many manufacturers that sell well pressure tanks but we prefer Amtrol. Other manufacturers are Flotec, WaterWorker, Wellmate, County Line, Dayton and Goulds.

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