Your Guide To Better Furnaces

When the weather outside is frightful you want nothing more than the temperature inside your home to be delightful. If you haven’t been properly maintaining your furnace though, you may be left in the cold.

The best way to keep your home warm and toasty throughout the winter is to make sure you’re doing routine maintenance and treating your furnace like the valued member of the household it is.

Here are our top tips to enabling better furnaces to keep the inside of your house as toasty as a fireside.

Dirty Filters Equal Inefficiency and Increased Heating Costs

The easiest way to keep your furnace running better throughout the year is by regularly replacing your air filters. It’s so easy to do but it’s also very easy to forget.

You should change the filters in your unit once every three months to once a month during times of heavy use. If a dirty filter is left in the unit it makes the unit work harder to produce the hot air. This can lead to burnout of the machine and can even be a fire hazard.

Be safe and set a reminder on your phone to replace those filters.

Clean All Registers and Move Anything Obstructing Their Air Flow

You would be surprised how many times someone accidentally puts a piece of furniture in front of a furnace register. Not only is this dangerous but can cause the whole system to fail.

You want to clean registers regularly and make sure they are free of any dust and dirt. Also, make sure nothing is blocking the flow of air going in and out of them. This leads to more efficient heating and lowers energy bills too.

Don’t Pile Things Near The Furnace5 Simple Tips for Better Furnaces to Keep Your House Warm

Make sure the entire area around the furnace is clear. This is not the best place for storing all the holiday decorations.

It’s a good idea to keep a three to five-foot clearance around the furnace free and clear of all items and debris. Remember, there is burning gas in your furnace, you’re risking a house fire by cluttering up space around it.

Keep Up a Maintenance Schedule for Better Furnaces

By simply following a routine maintenance schedule you’ll keep your furnace running and heating your home. Make sure to set reminders to change the filters.

Include the air handlers and registers in your dusting regimen. Make sure nothing is blocking the air handlers as well. If your furnace is in the basement, or other easily cluttered space, make sure there are 3 to 5 feet clear around it.

Clean furnaces are better furnaces and they’re safer for your home and family.

Is your furnace still not running as well as you’d hoped it would be? We would be happy to help. Contact us today to schedule someone to come out and take a look!

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