Tips and Tricks to Keep Warm in a Poorly Heated or Poorly Insulated Home.

Maybe the boiler’s broken down and your central heating’s on the fritz, your home is poorly insulated, you’re trying to economize on heating bills, or the weather’s just awful. Whatever the reason, these seven simple tips and tricks will help you feel warmer if the temperature in your home is uncomfortably cold.

Consider Your Clothing

Try to wear plenty of layers and don’t forget about hats, scarves, gloves, and even thermal underwear – every layer helps you retain heat by trapping warm air close to your body. Wearing a hat in bed at night is a great idea for stopping heat loss, but make sure it’s comfortable and will stay on your head.

Try Doing Some Housework

When it’s freezing inside, the temptation is to curl up in a ball under a pile of blankets, but if you stay still for a long time, you will not feel as warm as if you are moving. Washing some dishes, vacuuming the carpet, scrubbing the kitchen worktops: all of these activities will get your blood pumping faster and make your home cleaner as a bonus.

Rub Some Oil on Your Chest

A modern version of an old Victorian remedy, rubbing coconut oil, olive oil, or petroleum jelly on your chest will help keep your core warm by adding an insulating layer on top of your skin. Be conservative with the oil and make sure to wash it off thoroughly when you are done to avoid clogging your pores.

Put the Oven On and Eat Something Hot

Try cooking something like baked potatoes in the oven. The heat from the oven will warm up your home, especially if it’s on for a long time, and hot food will warm you up from the inside out. The same goes for hot drinks: even just drinking some warm water can help.

Give Your Feet a Bath

Soaking cold feet in warm water is a quick way to warm them up if you don’t have time for a hot bath. Just fill up a bucket and get some warm fluffy socks and a towel ready for when you’re done.

Invest in an Electric or Fan Heater

Various models can be purchased relatively inexpensively, and while using a fan heater for a long period can add to your electric bills, even a quick blast of heat from having a fan heater turned on for five minutes can help boost the temperature of a room significantly.

Go For a Walk or Get Some Exercise Indoors

Not only will getting some exercise help your blood circulate faster and make you feel warmer but being out in cold weather will help your home feel warmer when you return because you will have acclimatized to the temperature outside. Improving fitness levels can also help with blood circulation in general, which could be beneficial if you suffer from cold feet and hands in winter.

Winters in the northeast can get quite cold. Winter can be a difficult time if your home is always cold, but hopefully, these seven easy tips and tricks will help you feel warmer and more comfortable in your home.

Need Additional Help To Stay Warm in Your Cold House?

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