Clean a Dirty HVAC System

If you’re expecting to get a clean supply of air from your AC, it’s essential to keep the machine as clean as possible. Unfortunately, this can be an uphill task since indoor air is much dirtier than most people realize. This is why all HVAC systems have an air filter.

Apart from this, many other things can cause your HVAC system to become dirty. For example, even radiators that use water can become dirty due to certain minerals found in water. So, how can you clean a dirty HVAC system?

Start With the Filters

It’s unlikely that you’ll find any part of the HVAC system that will be dirtier than the filters. Whether it’s the standard air filters found in typical heating and cooling systems or water filters you’d find in a boiler heating system, these filters accumulate a lot of dirt in a very short time.

The frequency of filter cleaning is usually higher than that of other HVAC parts for two reasons. First, these parts will become dirty long before other parts of the AC and dirty filters can become clogged. This will reduce the efficiency of the whole system.

Clean the Outdoor Units

Cooling systems will usually have one part of the equipment outside the house. This helps to make the system more efficient, but the downside is that the outdoor unit will be exposed to dirt, dust, leaves, grass, and other kinds of debris. If the debris is allowed to accumulate, it can become lodged in a moving part, which may damage it. The outdoor unit can also become choked, causing it to become less effective.

Focus on the Condenser Coils

The condenser coils play a critical role in the working of your cooling system. This means this area requires more attention compared to other parts of the outdoor unit. The condenser coils help to cool the refrigerant used in cooling systems. Even a small layer of dust will make the condenser coils less effective at what they do.

Air Ducts

Many heating and cooling systems rely on air ducts to distribute the air to different house parts. Although these ducts channel filtered air, dust can still find its way inside them. This is especially likely if the system isn’t used for an extended period. Clean the air ducts to prevent them from spreading dust in your house.

Some of these tasks can be taken care of on a DIY basis by a savvy homeowner. Alternatively, you can find an HVAC maintenance professional to do the job. The main thing is to make cleaning a priority; however, you choose to get it done.

Have The Pros Clean a Dirty HVAC System For You

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