Know The Hidden Dangers of Frozen Pipes

The best way to get peace of mind when you’re worried about frozen pipes is to have them inspected. Many parts of a plumbing system are susceptible to winter temperatures. When pipes freeze and damage occurs, sometimes, it’s self-evident. Other times, not so much.

A Burst Pipe

Many people have had experience with burst pipes when a big thaw follows a big freeze. It can be intense and traumatizing, in addition to the damage it can cause. If you’re forced to call a professional cleanup company, you will pay one of the highest specialist rates of any service or construction contractor. Damage to houses, heirlooms and furniture can be almost insurmountable.

Effects on Plumbing Systems

Freezing weather can also affect plumbing systems when the thaw comes. It can cause hidden damage to water supply lines and drains and too expensive equipment and fixtures.

Mold Can Be An Issue

Sometimes, when a leak is no more significant than a pinhole, it can spray under a floor or into a wall undetected. The effect over time is that it softens wood and causes mold and termites. The added cost to the water bill will hurt too.

Drainage Systems

In drain systems, frozen residual waste and fluid can cause fittings to separate. If these leaks go undetected in a crawlspace, they can cause moist and unsanitary conditions in your home.

Hot Tubs, Pools and Irrigation Systems

Freezing weather can cause significant damage to hot tubs, irrigation systems, and pools. Not to mention raising your hot water bill when pipes and water heaters are poorly insulated.

Put In Place The Best Defense & Avoid The Hidden Dangers of a Frozen Pipe

The best defense against the frozen assault on your pipes is to get them inspected by a certified plumber. It should happen both before and after a freeze. Before, make sure your pipes, fittings and equipment are adequately insulated, and after, look for any possible hidden damage.

Call right away if you notice any of these issues:

  • Loss of pressure
  • Loss of heat
  • Unusual noises like banging or hissing
  • Unusual or reduced flow or air in the line

With diligence and the trained eye of a plumber, you can prevent a significant calamity in your home. The first call is the most important. Make that call today to All A’s Plumbing & Heating in New Jersey. Our certified plumbers will thoroughly inspect and provide the necessary steps to ensure the pipes will not freeze.