The Best Toilet Paper for Septic a Septic Tank

Are you aware of the benefits of using the right toilet paper for your plumbing, which dissolves easily and does not cause blockage? Well, the same holds for septic systems. Therefore, choosing the best toilet paper for septic systems is vital.

When choosing the right toilet paper for a septic system, several factors must be considered. Septic systems are sensitive to certain types of toilet paper, and selecting the wrong one can lead to costly repairs. A new septic system is expensive as it can be in the thousands. In addition, it is typically more costly to replace an existing septic system than install a new one.

And what about if the septic system backs up? You can have a pretty nasty wet mess in your home or business.

So, now let us answer the question of “The Best Toilet Paper for Septic Systems” After all, that is why you are here.


One of the most crucial aspects to consider when choosing toilet paper for septic systems is its dissolvability. Toilet paper that breaks down easily in water is essential for properly functioning septic systems.

Look for toilet paper labeled “septic-safe” or “rapid dissolving.” These types of toilet paper are designed to disintegrate quickly, reducing the risk of clogs and backups in your septic system. Those labeled recycled, bamboo, and biodegradable may not label ‘septic safe’ but most often dissolve well.


Another important factor is the absorption capability of the toilet paper. While it should be absorbent enough to perform its primary function, excessive absorbency can lead to issues in septic systems. Highly absorbent toilet paper may retain water, becoming heavy and difficult to break down.

This strains your septic system’s capacity and increases the risk of clogging. Look for toilet paper that strikes a balance between absorbency and easy disintegration.


Best toilet paper for septic systems, how to choose

Toilet paper that is strong and durable is ideal for using the toilet. However, with a septic system, you want it to break down easily in water and still be sturdy enough to perform its intended function.

Look for products that balance strength and dissolvability, ensuring the toilet paper holds up during use but breaks down efficiently once flushed.

Chlorine-Free Composition

Do you know that septic systems are filled with bacteria which is good as the anaerobic bacteria help to break down waste?

As a result, chlorine can harm the beneficial bacteria in septic tanks, which break down waste. Choosing toilet paper labeled as “chlorine-free” or “bleach-free” ensures that you are using a product that is less likely to disrupt the natural balance of your septic system.

Ply Amount

The number of plies in toilet paper refers to its number of layers. The choice between single-ply, double-ply, or thicker options depends on what is the preferred choice. We often like toilet paper with the highest ply count as it is undeniably more absorbent, durable and plusher.

But is this the best toilet paper for septic systems?

Single-ply toilet paper is better for septic systems as it breaks down more easily than thicker options. However, if you prefer the added comfort and strength of multiple plies, choose toilet paper labeled as “septic-safe” to ensure it will dissolve efficiently. Also, try to use less in one sitting.

What Are You Going To Choose?

Choosing the best toilet paper for septic systems if you have one is vital. You may have to discontinue what you now use to avoid an extensive system failure down the road or strike a balance between durability, absorption, dissolvability, chlorine, and the number of plys when choosing the best toilet paper for septic systems.

By making an informed choice, you can avoid potential issues and ensure the longevity of your septic system.

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