Home Heating System Needs To Be Functioning at its Optimum Level During the Winter

Furnace failures can cause big hassles, no matter when they happen. Not having heat during the coldest temperatures of the season can feel scary. Breakdowns of home heating units might seem unpredictable, but you can use the following steps to prevent common furnace issues.

Install Filters Regularly

Old air filters make heating units work harder and increase the likelihood of a breakdown. That’s because clogged screens don’t allow air to pass through. To keep them operating efficiently, change filters regularly. Ones that measure up to two inches in thickness should get renewed every three months, and those that go up to four inches need to be replaced twice a year. When changing the filter, carefully vacuum the surrounding area to keep the replacement from clogging.

Change Batteries in Thermostats

Surprisingly enough, dead batteries in thermostats can stop furnaces from running. That’s why you should replace them twice a year to reduce the likelihood of malfunctions. To make it easier to remember, switch the batteries when clocks get changed for daylight savings time.

Properly Identify Smells

When the furnace runs the first few times at the start of the season, you might experience a slight burning odor. While that’s normal, odd smells often indicate that the heating system has problems. Whether the troubling scent reminds you of rotten eggs, chemicals, or smoke, call a professional to avoid expensive problems.

Keep Vents Clear

You might have heard that you should not heat unused sections in a home to save money on heating bills. However, closing off areas can cause incorrect cycling. Heating systems were specifically calibrated for optimum proficiency and output in regards to a home’s size.

When areal aspects change, it can shorten the lifespan of a heating unit. That’s why you need to keep floor registers open and clear of obstructions. A good cleaning of the vents at the beginning of the heating season can go a long way towards a properly functioning unit.

(If you have a home heating oil tank there are separate Home Oil Tank Prep For The Winter steps to follow.)

Tips for Keeping Your Home Heating System Functioning in the Winter 

Call For Home Heating System Maintenance

One of the best ways to prevent problems is to implement routine maintenance. Ideally, this should take place before winter begins. However, it’s never too late for a home heating system inspection. During the visit, technicians inspect and adjust the major components of heating units. They can also fix smaller issues at that time.

Home heating systems often stop functioning because small issues turn into bigger problems. These tips can help alleviate them and give you some control over one of the most important units within the home. Prevention is key. Feel free to reach out to All A’s Plumbing & Heating to help you with your home heating system concerns.