Sink Clogged? Common Causes

Clogged sinks are a common occurrence. There are many reasons a sink can become clogged. This article discusses a few, some are obvious, and some may surprise you.

Now you find your sink is clogged, so what is going on? Oh my goodness, you have a big party this weekend what are you going to do? Why has my sink clogged so suddenly?

There are quite a few reasons a sink will become clogged. We start with food, which is the most obvious.

Food Waste Buildup

Even though the hole is somewhat tiny, small food particles can easily slip down if you do not have a mesh catch around your drainpipe. They can even get stuck to the walls of the plumbing pipes.

Grease Buildup

Grease buildup is a common problem. The delicious perogies you ate for dinner last night and afterward poured the leftover grease from the frying pan down the sink, oh no, what do you have now? Typically, when you initially pour it down the sink, it is in liquid form; however, the liquid solidifies and expands when it hits the colder air. So there you have it, a clogged sink.

Small Foreign Objects

As we mentioned, food particles can easily go down with a tiny hole and without a mesh drain cover. As food particles can, so can other types of foreign objects. It is vital always to be aware of the potential for things to go down the sink accidentally. Think responsibly and always dispose of it in the trash, recycling bin or compost.

Soap Buildup

You probably think soap is the all-time cleaner for everything. Well, of course, it is excellent for cleaning our skin; however, do you know that many traditional soaps are made with grease and fat? When the fat in soap combines with the minerals in the water, you are left with a hard residue called soap scum. Soap scum not only stains bath fittings it also clogs pipes.

So save your drain and switch to soap-free products. A professional plumbing service can pressure clean your drain pipes and remove all traces of soap scum buildup.

Mineral Buildup

With hard water, when the minerals dissolve, they can build and cause insoluble masses that will block drains.

Once there is a mineral buildup and can be difficult to remove. Installing a water softener system can turn your hard water into soft water to prevent this from happening.

Tree Roots

Yes, the roots of trees are not inside the kitchen. But do you know that even the smallest leaks in underground plumbing can provide for additional tree growth? The roots can quickly get inside the pipe and grow bigger. This will obstruct water flow and cause significant pipe damage.

Clearing and cleaning the pipes can be challenging. It will require a professional plumber who has the knowledge and equipment to excavate if needed.

Chemical Drain Cleaners

How often do you pour chemical drain cleaners down your sink? If you are not conscious of environmentally friendly cleaning products, you can most likely be a culprit in doing this.

Many of us run to the nearest hardware store to pick up the standard drain cleaner when we have a clogged sink. Fact, but true, these chemical-based drain cleaners can cause more damage to your system even if you find yourself fixing the initial problem.

Is Your Sink Clogged?

Do you have a clogged sink and find that nothing works no matter what you do? Do not worry. All A’s Plumbing can unclog your sink quickly.

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