Unblock a Kitchen Sink

You come home after a hard day of work, begin preparations for dinner, and find a clogged sink. And, it’s not the first time it’s happened either. Now the worry goes through you mind, “how do I unblock a kitchen sink? There is no worse experience in the world than this scenario.

Are you sick and tired of dealing with a kitchen sink that is constantly clogged up? Here are some things to try to unblock a kitchen sink.

What Causes Drain Blockage?How To Unblock a Kitchen Sink

There are lots of reasons why you may find your drain blocked. Usually, it’s a combination of hair, grease, and soap. By themselves, these items aren’t really the problem. However, when you put them together, sometimes there are issues with drains. That’s because grease and soap are both made of fat. Fats can stick together. And, when hair becomes tangled up with that mess, you can have a clogged sink quite easily. There are other causes of drain blockage as well that aren’t as common. For example, children have dropped toys into drains to see what can happen. You can also lose jewelry down a drain because it can slip off when you are washing your hands.

Why Does My Kitchen Sink Keep Getting Clogged?

Kitchen sinks usually become clogged because of too much grease. In fact, grease buildup is the most common reason sinks clog. That’s because when people cook, many pour grease or fat down their sinks. Most people don’t fry in deep fat fryers the way we used to. But there is still grease when we cook. Even small amounts can cause problems. Over a short period of time, the grease begins to clump together and will eventually clog your drain. You may be thinking, “How do I prevent grease buildup in my kitchen sink?” The answer is relatively simple: Don’t pour oil and fats down your drain. This will prevent a lot of clogged drains.

There are other reasons a sink clogs up as well. Do you have a double sink? Over time, you might experience a blockage or a buildup in the U-joint under your sink. This could cause one or both sinks to become clogged. You may also have a clogged garbage disposal, which could cause your sink to clog up. If you have a septic system, this can also cause clogged drains if there is a problem. Even tree roots can cause problems with your sink draining.

Fixing a Clogged Sink

Luckily for you, you can fix most clogged sinks on your own. Why not try a couple of these tips for fixing a clogged kitchen sink?

First, try a combination of salt and boiling water. Add a half-cup of salt to a pot of boiling water. Let it boil for two minutes, then, pour it down the sink. The salt and boiling water combination should be able to eliminate any clogs you might have. That’s because the boiling water will melt a clog that is mostly grease.

If that doesn’t work, it’s time to try something else. Why not try vinegar and baking soda? Pour some baking soda down the drain, then, follow it with vinegar. Let the vinegar and baking soda have a few minutes to work before you flush your drains with hot water.

Do you have a double sink in your kitchen? You might also want to try to put the hook end of a coat hanger down the sink. You should be able to snag the clog and pull it up. This often works because the U-joint between the sinks usually traps the small particles and grease.

Have you tried these tips to unblock a kitchen sink, and you didn’t see any results? Then, it’s time to call in the pros. We can always get your kitchen sink unclogged! Contact All A’s Plumbing and Heating, in Randolph, New Jersey today.