How To Get More Hot Water In The House, From The Water Heater, and How To Make It Last Longer

Running out of hot water can easily turn your house from a comfortable home into a place that’s uncomfortable to live in. It’s extra likely to happen if you live in an old building

If you’ve ever been plagued with hot water deficiency, you probably have a few questions, like—why does this happen?—and—how can I fix it? 

Thankfully, there are solutions. 

This article will be your helpful guide on how to get more hot water from your water heater. 

Why Does My Hot Water Stop Working? 

How To Get More Hot Water In The House

The first step to get you your hot water boost is to understand why hot water problems happen in the first place. Different problems call for different solutions. 


An absence of hot water in the house can be caused by something as simple as rust, corrosion, and sediment buildup at the bottom of your water heater. 

Thankfully, this is an easy fix. You’ll want a good plumber to help you deal with the rust regularly. We offer maintenance services to get any pesky rust off of your water heater. 

Too Many People

If you’ve recently added new people to your home, you might have noticed your hot water hasn’t been working as well. Many people use up more hot water, and your heater just might not be able to keep up.

You might be wondering, “does turning up your water heater make hot water last longer?” The short answer is, yes. The long answer is that it may for now, but if you keep pushing it you may end up with cold water again. 

Rather than taking the easy fix, temporary fix, check out our services for water heaters

How to Get More Hot Water From Your Water Heater 

Now that you know what could be causing your hot water problem, here’s how to make your hot water last longer. We’ve put together a couple of ways for you to boost your hot water. 

Replace Your Water Heater

While this a big job, it’s a simple solution that might be your best option. Nothing too hard to explain here — just the simple fact that a bigger water heater can hold more hot water. 

Add a Sidearm Tank 

Adding a sidearm tank is like adding more troops to your water-heating army. If your water is heated in a boiler, it could be beneficial to have a second source to help out your boiler and help keep it warm. 

Hire a Plumber

Whatever solution you go with, hiring a plumber is always your best bet to get you your hot water help. 

A plumber can help you properly assess your situation and figure out the best solution. Plumbers have always shown great reliability, and they aren’t being slowed down by the COVID 19 Pandemic

Whether you’re wondering how to get more hot water in the house, an apartment, commercial building, or how to make hot water last longer in your house, residential or commercial, a plumber is always the best solution.

Reliable Plumbing

At the end of the day, many things can cause a plumbing issue. It’s best to get a reliable plumber involved to look at your individual case to know your solution.

When you hire a plumber, you’ll soon know how to get more hot water from your water heater.

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Let us help you stop the frustration from your hot water in the house or elsewhere from turning cold!