Cool Your Home in Summer the Environmentally Friendly Way

Are you wondering how to cool your home and stay environmentally friendly simultaneously? Here are proven methods to do so.

6 Environmentally Friendly Ways to Cool Your Home in Summer, but, of course, one not recommended is to open your fridge and stick your feet in, as our fun picture shows.

1. Plant Shrubs

Plant tall shrubbery along the west and east-facing sides of the house to cut down on heat exposure and keep the house cool. Similarly, you can plant low-lying, bushy shrubs or install trellises around the outdoor air conditioning unit to get better results.

2. Use Blinds

Ultraviolet rays tend to raise temperatures through a roof, especially during summer. You can install blinds throughout the house to keep the rays out. But remember that not every window blind is built the same; some are good at blocking the sunlight while others are not. Skip mini blinds and opt for wide-slat, neutral-colored wood blinds instead. They are the best option you have to block the sunlight.

3. Ventilate

Ventilation helps chase hot air out of the home and replace it with cool air. To ventilate the home, all you need is good timing and windows. Throughout the day, hot air accumulates in the home through heat absorption and natural heating. To ventilate the warm air, open the windows at night once the temperature drops. This method helps hot air escape, replacing it with cooler night air.

4. Avoid Using Heat Producing Appliances

Most homes are full of various electronic appliances, and even though most do not generate a lot of heat when you are using them, some do. Avoid using the following top heat-producing appliances throughout the day: a dishwasher, an oven, and a clothes dryer.

These appliances use heat as the primary function, which increases the home’s interior temperature. If possible, use them sparingly, only at night or in the morning. Additionally, wash and hand dry the dishes and hang dry the clothes. It will keep your home cool and energy usage low, which can be great for the environment.

5. Turn On Fans

Although the ventilation tip mentioned above can be helpful enough to keep your home cool, you can go the extra mile by using window and ceiling fans. When outdoor temperatures drop at night, open the windows and place the fan on the house’s east side, pulling air in. And while you are at it, place another window fan on the house’s west side, pushing air out. That will help in expediting the ventilation process.

6. Use the Programmable Thermostat

Once you add the smart thermostat to the existing HVAC system, you can take control of the cooling and heating from the phone. Smart thermostats are good at adjusting themselves. They can sense when the home is empty and regulate the indoor humidity levels. These devices are convenient and “teach” the A/C system how to efficiently cool the home over time.

Stay Cool the Environmentally Friendly Way

As you can see, there are a lot of environmentally friendly methods you can use to keep your home cool in summer. All you need to do now is choose the most convenient and enjoy a new, cool environment.

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