How to Troubleshoot Common Furnace Problems

With the cold season just around the corner and a rapidly increasing use of heating systems, it’s not uncommon to run into some blips every now and again.

But what can cause a furnace to stop working? And how do you troubleshoot a furnace problem? If your furnace is currently playing up, rest assured: you are not alone!

In fact, why don’t you keep reading our essential guide to the top five most common furnace problems? We have rounded them up and even provided you with a quick solution for each.

Wave bye-bye to your furnace woes!

1. Furnace Does Not Turn On

Let’s begin with a pervasive problem: what can cause a furnace to stop working, and what should you do? First, check that the switch is on and that the thermostat is set to the right setting. This should be around five or six degrees above your room temperature.

Still not working? Your air filters might be clogged. If replacing your air filters still doesn’t fix the issue, then it’s time to call an expert.

2. It Emits a Strange, Loud Sound

Another pretty common furnace issue is a furnace that produces loud, unusual noises. A degree of noise is normal when a furnace is working, but if this becomes similar to a rattling, grinding, or squealing sound, then something is wrong.

Is that happening to you? Don’t try to do anything with your furnace. Call for professional help ASAP.

3. Furnace No Longer Is Generating Heat

Your furnace is supposed to produce heat to warm up your house, so when this doesn’t happen it’s a clear sign that something is up. First of all, you need to make sure that your fuse or circuit breaker is not tripped or blown off.

If your furnace is still not working as it should, and your fuse is set to “on”, then you need to call a professional company.

4. Your Furnace Is Leaking

When you ask yourself “What are the most common furnace problems?”, chances are that you instantly picture a leaking furnace. Yes, this is one of the most normal issues that you may encounter.

To remedy it, simply call a professional right away. This type of furnace issue is not one that you should try to handle yourself!

5. The Furnace Smells

smell of gas is a telltale sign that there is something going on with your furnace. Is this happening to you? Turn off your furnace right away and leave your home.

Call a professional to inspect, assess, and fix your furnace in the safest and most efficient way.

Fix These Common Furnace Problems Easily!

If you ever wondered “What could be wrong with my furnace?”, then we hope that our guide right here helped.

Remember, though: there is only so much that you can fix and troubleshoot on your own. When it comes to something as important as your furnace and heating systems, oftentimes the job is best left to the pros.

Are you having issues with your furnace? Then, make sure you call the friendly and expert team at All A’s Plumbing and Heating today, and we will be happy to help!