Converting From Oil To Natural Gas Heat

With rising oil prices and concerns over emissions, many homeowners are considering converting their oil furnaces to natural gas. Natural gas has become an increasingly popular option for home heating, offering several potential benefits over heating oil.

Cost Savings

Potential cost savings are one of the biggest motivators for switching to natural gas. Due to increased domestic production, natural gas prices have dropped significantly in recent years.

Although prices fluctuate, natural gas has been cheaper per BTU than heating oil. Depending on your location and usage, converting from oil to gas could save homeowners hundreds and even thousands of dollars per year on fuel costs. The savings could pay for the conversion within just a few years.

Stable Pricing

Another advantage of natural gas is more stable pricing compared to heating oil. Global crude oil prices can swing dramatically year-to-year, causing spikes in heating costs for oil customers. Natural gas prices in the United States are insulated from worldwide supply and demand shifts.

While natural gas prices change, the fluctuations are more gradual than oil prices. Homeowners with natural gas enjoy greater price predictability from season to season.

Lower Emissions

Replacing an oil furnace with a high-efficiency gas furnace reduces your home’s carbon footprint. Pound for pound, natural gas burns cleaner than heating oil, producing significantly less carbon dioxide emissions.

Natural gas is considered one of the lowest-emission fossil fuel options. Converting to gas could help reduce your home’s overall greenhouse gas emissions. Many environmentally-conscious homeowners opt for natural gas to shrink their carbon footprint.

Less Maintenance

Gas furnaces tend to require less annual maintenance than oil furnaces. Oil furnaces need regular cleaning and nozzle replacement to operate safely and efficiently. Dirty oil furnaces run the risk of soot buildup and chimney fires.

Natural gas burners are less prone to deposits and clogs over time, potentially lowering maintenance needs. Fewer service calls can reduce the overall cost of gas heat compared to oil.

Added Home Value

Switching from oil to natural gas heat can boost your home’s resale value. Most buyers prefer the benefits of gas, so having an existing gas system and furnace in place makes a home more attractive on the market.

Areas with access to natural gas pipelines tend to appreciate faster than similar homes still using oil or propane. Your investment in a gas conversion could pay off at a higher sale price when you sell your home.

Improved Safety

Natural gas offers safety advantages compared to heating oil. Gas furnaces don’t require combustible fuel to be delivered and stored on your property. Oil tanks and piping can corrode over time, leading to leaks or even explosions.

There are no open flames with gas furnaces as the fuel is piped underground. Gas also won’t deplete oxygen levels in your home. Replacing oil with gas eliminates fuel delivery, spills, fumes and other hazards.

Year-Round Use

Unlike oil furnaces, natural gas systems can fuel appliances beyond heating. Modern gas furnaces can be combined with water heaters, gas stoves, outdoor grills and more.

Converting to gas allows you to upgrade kitchen ranges and other appliances. With gas, your home’s major energy needs can be met through a single utility connection. More versatility is possible with natural gas fuel.

Time To Consider the Benefits of Converting to Natural Gas

With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why converting oil to natural gas is enticing. But properly replacing your home’s heating system is not a DIY project. Natural gas conversions should only be done by qualified professionals like All A’s Plumbing & Heating in New Jersey.

The licensed technicians ensure your switch to gas heat is adequately completed for optimal performance.

Converting oil to natural gas can make environmental and financial sense for homeowners near existing gas pipelines.

But be sure to consult the experts at All A’s first to assess your home’s needs, provide an accurate cost comparison, and help determine if gas conversion is for you.

While family-owned and with decades of experience, you can trust All A’s team to handle your oil-to-gas conversion seamlessly. Contact All A’s Plumbing and Heating today to learn more about converting your home to clean, affordable natural gas heating.