The Most Common Plumbing Problems, When To Fix & When To Call a Professional

Plumbing problems are a common source of stress and anxiety for any homeowner. Depending on your plumbing experience or the number of your home projects budget, you may want to tackle general plumbing problems yourself or realize they would be better serviced by a licensed professional.

Here are 6 common plumbing problems that most homeowners face at one point or another. Call All A’s Plumbing if you encounter:

Defective Faucets7 Common Plumbing Problems & How To Fix Them

Dripping faucets can drive you up a wall. A single faucet dripping one drop per second equals approximately 2600 gal per year. Change out old faucets and start saving your money.

One inexpensive and easy fix is to replace the O-ring, the small rubber ring that helps hold the handle in place. Over time, this ring deteriorates as the handle gets used. Eventually, you will develop a leak at the base of the stem.

The aerator, the filter at the end of the spigot, will also wear out and clog up from the collection of mineral deposits.

Leaking Pipes

Bad pipes are usually the cause of difficult plumbing problems, most notably in older houses that have old copper pipes.

Under normal circumstances, copper is still stronger than the newer PEX. However, copper performs poorly under extreme temperature changes. The constant expanding and contracting causes copper to break, while PEX flexes. Copper pipes are also very susceptible to corrosion.

Toilet Plumbing Problems

Leaky toilets can go unnoticed. Unless there’s a visible mess on your floor, a small internal leak in the tank can be costly. A running toilet can waste up to hundreds of gallons of water a day. Often the problem is the rubber flapper, which can lose its shape and stop sealing the tank.

Sometimes, a faulty chain is the problem.


Clogged pipes and toilets can also cause major plumbing problems. Severe clogs may need to be snaked by a professional, but otherwise, clogs can usually be plunged.

Clogs in sinks or drains are a whole different matter. Do not pour toxic bottles of so-called drain cleaners down your drain. Bad clogs of hair, soap, toothpaste, toilet paper, bottle caps, brush bristles, and toothpicks will remain in the pipe. Occasionally these cleaners work, but more often than not, a professional is required, and the drain cleaners make things worse. When in doubt, call a professional.

Sump Pump Issues

Check how your sump pump is installed. An improperly installed pump will fail eventually, and power outages can destroy sump pumps. One alternative to using a sump pump is to re-align gutters to channel water away from your house. It’s an expensive investment, but it could save you lots of money in the future.

Hot Water Heater Problems

Water heaters should last several years, but poor maintenance can shorten their life span. Small tank size, pressure, corrosion, rust, and sediment build-up are all common problems that can ruin water heaters. Hard water is also an issue that causes various minerals to settle and reduce water flow.

To prevent permanent damage to the water heater, please consult a licensed professional.

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