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If you let a pipe leak for a year, the EPA has estimated that you will waste 3,000 gallons. You won’t only be wasting that much money on your water bill. You’ll also be wasting those resources and harming the Earth.

The same goes for the energy you’ll waste with a leaking water heater. You’ll spend and waste two to four dollars’ worth of energy per month heating water you won’t use.

Therefore, it’s best to notice problems and hire our plumbing and heating services as soon as you can.

Read on to learn about some common plumbing, heating and cooling issues you can experience while living or owning a commercial property in Warren County, NJ. Also, see how All A’s Plumbing and Heating can help you with these common issues as well as all your plumbing, heating and cooling needs.

A Few Common Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Problems To Encounter

Dripping Toilet, Water Heater, Or Other Pipe

Along with wasting thousands of gallons of water, a leaky pipe can cause other issues.   

Consider the damage that water can do to wood or metal surfaces. Wood surfaces exposed to too much water will rot or grow mold. Anything metal can rust in this situation. 

If enough water drips onto these types of floors over time, they could end up collapsing. That’s another expensive bill you could face.

Running Toilet 

A running toilet is a bigger water and money waster than the dripping faucet. The EPA has stated that a running toilet can waste up to 200 gallons a day. That’s 1,400 gallons if you leave it running for a week and 6000 for a month. 

Clogged Toilet 

This issue likely won’t waste a lot of water or cause as much damage as the other two. You may face some overflow, but this should stop once you stop flushing or you turn off the water. 

If your toilet doesn’t stop overflowing after this, you’re likely facing a sewer backup. If the overflow is extreme, we can give you the best services Warren County NJ can offer.

Warren County NJ Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, clogged toilet

Cold Water Heater Or Boiler

If your water heater or boiler isn’t providing heat, it may or may not be wasting energy. Maybe the propane, oil, or gas line has become disconnected from your appliance. In that case, we can help you reinstall it.

In another case, your line may be leaking. Beyond the waste this may cause, this can also be very dangerous. You should call us as soon as possible if you suspect a line leak. 

Inefficient Water Heater

Certain water heaters can reduce energy waste and save money on this resource. 

A solar-powered water heater, for example, costs nothing to run each month. If you can foot the initial bill, it’s an excellent option. A geothermal water heater is another similar example to this.

If these are too expensive, you can check out our other oil, gas, and electric options. One of these can be a more efficient option for you. We also offer a free consultation service that will help you decide which model is best. 

Our Additional Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Services

In addition to the problems listed above, we offer a wide range of other plumbing, heating and cooling services such as:

Our Plumbing And Heating Services Solve These Problems And More

These are just some of the problems that we can help you fix. Check out our full list of plumbing and heating services. If you live or own a commercial building in Warren County, NJ and suspect a problem along these lines or others,  contact us with your questions and concerns. We won’t charge you a thing for answering and discussing how we can help you.