This brief article explains why natural gas is a popular choice as an energy source.

Natural gas is a more environmentally-friendly fossil fuel choice compared to burning coal or oil. The natural gas emissions from a state-of-the-art facility produce approximately 50-60 percent less carbon dioxide than coal. Today, natural gas is an excellent fuel choice when converting away from oil.

Gas is a Bridge Fuel

Environmental economist Sheila Olmstead from the University of Texas reports the fuel will be in demand for the foreseeable future. Natural gas is considered a bridge fuel while the world awaits less harmful renewable energy sources. The switch to cleaner energy may take decades of research.

Developed countries have switched from coal to natural gas as a more viable resource. In the United States, over 500 coal plants have shut down since 2010. These coal-burning plants were replaced with natural gas factories to make up for consumption demands.

Abundant Resource That’s Economical

Natural gas is a crucial source of cleaner energy. Its abundance makes it ideal for providing a vast amount of energy to factories, businesses, and residential neighborhoods. But, for now, fossil fuels keep our cities prosperous and help power the essential services needed for everyday life.

Fossil fuels come from decayed organic matter.

Global warming activists believe methane is one of the main components of natural gas. They are concerned about the effects of methane’s contribution to global warming. Drilling and extracting methods used to collect natural gas reserves can emit methane into the air, adding to global warming’s already serious consequences.

The Future and Competing With New Energy Sources

With more resources invested in discovering cleaner energy resources, scientists remain optimistic about fine-tuning the world’s future energy efficiency. Reducing unhealthy emissions into the atmosphere is of the utmost importance for future generations. Natural gas is an excellent choice, but some experts foresee reducing its use as cleaner green energy technologies become increasingly more competitive in the far distant future. In the meantime, converting from oil to gas is the best option.

Oil To Gas Conversion

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