Water Shut Off Valves

While water pipes that bring clean water into your home are a must, sometimes complications happen that require you to stop the flow of water entering your home or a particular area. For example, when a water pipe bursts or another water-related catastrophe occurs, the shut-off valves that control the home’s water supply can help stop your home from flooding while waiting for the plumber to arrive.

Water shut-off valves serve as a way to stop water flow by closing the valve completely. When the valve is opened again, the water flow will return. Water shut-off valves can be located in a home’s basement or outside the home. There is always the main shut-off valve that controls all of the water flow into a house.

Water Shut-Off Valve Types

So what are the different types of shutoff valves?

Water shut off valves come in different designs, including the ball and gate valve systems.

Ball Valves

Ball valves can be seen in homes with copper or plastic water pipes. Ball valves are also known as full-flow ball valves. They are open when the handle is aligned with the pipe and closed when the handle is turned 90 degrees. One of the benefits of this design is that a person can quickly open or close to the valve without much effort.

Gate Valves

Gate valves are another typical design that has a proven track record. While they can last for years, they can become difficult to open and close if neglected. Ensuring that the water shut-off valves are operational can be the difference between comfortably waiting for the plumber and being knee-deep in water. The downside to this design is that it only has an open or closed position; leaving it half open can cause damage as the water can cause vibrations in the valve.

Shut off valves are an essential part of the home. They need to be functional when you need them most. Knowing where they are and how they work is vital for any homeowner.

You Have Located The Shut Off Valve Now Are In Need of a Plumber

Luckily you have located the shut off valve, so all is good and you have prevented a potential disaster. Now you need to call your local plumber for help. All A’s Plumbing is here to come to your rescue. Contact us here or give us a call. We will get back to you quickly. We service northern New Jersey.