It’s Time To Manage Utility Costs

Sheltering in place has become the new norm during the coronavirus pandemic. Our ordinary days have changed in so many ways. Unfortunately, some of us may not have the money to spend like we are used to; therefore, it is essential to know how to manage utility costs.

Since we are all spending more time at home, we are most likely using more of our utilities. It still has been quite chilly in the New Jersey area, so for many of us, we have the heat cranked up all day versus the ordinary days of turning it down while at work. Out of boredom, we may be doing more cleaning, washing clothes throughout the day versus once at night after a long day doing errands outside of the home.

For these reasons, you may not realize it now; however, when the utility bills come at the end of the month, do not be surprised if they are quite a bit higher than usual.

Below we list a few ways to manage and lower your utility bills why hunkering down at home.

Turn Off The Faucet

We have been told by the CDC to wash our hands at least for 20 seconds at a time. You may be running your faucet for the entire time, a no-no. We highly recommend wetting your hands, apply soap, shut off the water, then scrub for 20 seconds. When done, turn back on the water to rinse.

You will be surprised to know that by saving an additional eighteen seconds of running water, you can save up to six gallons of water use per day. This can make a drastic impact on your water bill.

Fill the Dishwasher, Washing Machine, and Dryer

Fill them up! With more time on your hands, you may be turning on these appliances more than you need to. Turn the dishwasher on after it is completely full. The same goes for the washer and dryer. You’d be amazed to learn the amount of water you will not be wasting.

Turn Off Non-Essential Electronics

Obviously when we are not home all day electronics such as the computer, stereo, TV, and other appliances will not be in use. But now, we are using them much more. But you must remember to turn it off when you are not using it.

For instance, you began watching TV; you leave the room to go on the computer to skype with family and friends, it’s time to turn off the TV when you leave the room. This is only one example of many. This is often referred to as “energy vampires” which reflects a waste of 5% to 8% of an average household’s energy bill.

Open Windows

When the warmer weather starts to set in, and you may have the desire to crank up the air conditioner. Again, since you are now home all day, the cost to stay cool can increase your utility bill drastically. Open the windows instead. The circulation of the fresh air will be much healthier for you as well as keeping unwanted costs down.

Check For Leaks

Stuck At Home, 5 Ways To Manage Utility Costs, leaking faucet

Now is the perfect time to take care of the dripping faucet, the toilet that will not stop running, and manage utility costs. A faucet that drips can waste 12 gallons of water per month. A running toilet can waste over 1 gallon of water per hour which adds up to 26 gallons per day.

If you find you have a leak or any other plumbing or heating problem. Get in touch with us. We are at work to help our customers. We also offer 24-hour emergency service.

As a company, we are following all of the strict guidelines and are practicing social distancing. We wear masks and gloves in every home. Our trucks and all tools are thoroughly cleaned at the beginning of the day, after each job, and at the end of each day. Before leaving a home, we are wiping down everything we have been in contact with.