How to unclog a bathroom sinkUnclog a Bathroom Sink

Stop us if you have heard this one. You go into the bathroom to brush your teeth and see the water swirling down the drain — very, very slowly. When you look more closely, you also smell an unpleasant odor. None of this is good news. It is possible you have a clog in your bathroom sink. How can you unclog it, and when should you call a professional? Here are some suggestions on how to unclog a bathroom sink.

What Causes Drain Blockage?

In the bathroom, obviously, the biggest causes of drain blockages are not food and grease from cooking. Instead, the most common problem with bathroom drains is hair. While hair is very thin and narrow, it can clump together, and with another culprit, soap, can cause massive clogs. You may not think of soap as something that might clog up because its purpose is to clean things. However, the ingredients in soap are grease and fat. Another common problem with bathroom drains is dirt. When the dirt from your face and hands combines with soap and hair, there is going to be trouble.

How to unclog a bathroom sinkHow to Get Clogs Out of Your Bathroom Sink

You may be wondering, “How do I stop hair from clogging the drain?” Or, maybe you’ve asked, “How can I unclog what is already clogged?” The easiest way to stop hair from clogging the drain is to look periodically at your stopper. If there is any gunk on it or in it, remove it. You can also use a wire hanger. You can use the hook part as a fishing lure to remove the nasty stuff from your sink. Who knew a wire hanger could be so handy?

You could also try a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to unclog your bathroom sink. When the mixture begins to fizz, this means you need to pour it down the sink immediately. The vinegar and baking soda act as a natural degreaser, which is great for a hairy, soapy clog. Make sure that you allow the mixture to sit overnight before you clean it out with hot water.

You may also want to try using a wet-dry vacuum to get rid of that stubborn bathroom clog. You need to set the vacuum to liquid first and make sure you cover the vent. If you can get a tight seal over the drain, it will maximize the sucking action. This will allow you to get a good result. Set the vacuum on its highest setting to make sure that you can get out the blockage.

Finally, to unclog a bathroom sink, why not give boiling water a try? Boiling water can work really well to get rid of bathroom sink clogs. Because most clogs in the bathroom are made of soap, hair, and dirt, boiling water can unclog all of that mess. It sends it down the drain where it belongs. You may have to use boiling water more than once to completely rid your sink of the clog, however.

Is Your Bathroom Sink Still Clogged?

If you’ve tried all these suggestions, and you still can’t budge your clog, it is time to call a professional. Professionals are able to use a variety of tools to unclog even the most stubborn of clogs. You may be a bit reluctant to spend the money. However, we would say it is far worse to allow a clog to get any bigger.

If you have a clog that is bugging you, and making you nuts, contact All A’s Plumbing & Heating in Randolph, N.J. We can blast out any clog! Give us a call today, so we can fix your bathroom woes as soon as possible.