What is Central Air Conditioning?

Air conditioning is a very important resource, especially when it is necessary to air condition a commercial premise or an office. Getting an optimal temperature in the warmer months of the year can improve employee productivity and achieve greater comfort for customers. To achieve this, an ideal option is central air conditioning.

What is a central air conditioner?

The central air conditioner is a single item of air conditioning equipment that makes its air distribution through ducts, generally hidden in the ceiling. It is a form of installation of air conditioning that is more aesthetic in which there are no devices or wiring, but it meets the same functions as a traditional air conditioning system. This application is most commonly used for large areas since these require industrial equipment that usually acts as a centralized system.

Centralized systems function like the heat pump or air conditioning systems that are installed at a domestic level, and have an outdoor unit and an interior, which in this case distributes air through conduits to different zones. In addition, these systems allow zoning (managing different temperatures, or off and on), optimizing consumption, and giving an optimal temperature in all areas according to your needs.

How is the central air conditioner installed?

Normally, the indoor unit is located on the ceiling and then split into different conduits that are divided by the environment through grids, which drive air and return it according to needs. Like traditional air conditioning devices, the temperature is controlled through a thermostat, so that the user can adapt it to their needs. In large installations air conditioning can be controlled through computer systems, ensuring optimal management.

Main advantages of central air conditioning

• Reduces energy costs: air conditioning systems, heat pumps or industrial coolers currently have returns that reach up to 400%.

• It has aesthetic benefits, since the installation is hidden, so it is great for improving the image of a company and its premises.

• It allows for managing different areas independently.

• Reduces noise and discomfort, since the installation is located inside the roof.

With central air conditioning, more uniform air conditioning is achieved in all environments, since the system allows the distribution of different outputs to optimize air distribution, against systems with one unique air outlet that sometimes need high ventilation speeds or to be at very low temperatures to arrive to cool the farthest points of the air outlet.


The most important thing to remember is that central air conditioners are used to cool an entire building, while window-based and floor-based air conditioners will only cool the area they are in.

Central air conditioners incorporate a two-part system (condenser coil and evaporator coil) to reduce humid air and cool your entire home or commercial space. Central air conditioning is key to achieving universal cooling and improved air quality throughout your home or office.

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