From Air Conditioning Units to HVAC Systems

Air conditioners require care and maintenance to protect any warranties as well as lengthen their life use. A regular “tune-up” not only keeps your AC in working order, but it also allows you to replace parts, plan for repairs, or budget upgrades in the future.

Air Conditioning Unit

Here are five points to ponder when installing or maintaining your air conditioning unit.

1. The air conditioner’s filters work best when they are free of dirt, dust, and debris. Remove it from the AC unit in order to gently vacuum out any particles lodged in the material. Sometimes dust and dirt may accumulate and be tough to remove so use a mild detergent for a thorough cleaning. Replace it when the filter is dry.

2. Use a brush or soft tip to vacuum off any grime coating the coils of the unit. The buildup of dirt may require warm water and a soft sponge. It is important to handle this process with care because it is easy to bend or damage the fins of an AC unit. Whether they are indoors or outdoors, a thorough cleaning will increase efficiency.

3. When installing an AC unit in a window, try to choose a shaded area. As per the Department of Energy, this increases energy efficiency by almost 10%.

4. Seal any window units with new weather stripping. This seals the areas around the unit increasing the comfort of your space during the hottest weather.

5. Make sure any air conditioning units installed in a window frame have been properly secured. This prevents personal injury, damages to your property, and prevents easy access for burglars.

Maintain a cool, comfortable home or office by taking care of your air conditioning unit. This is will increase its life expectancy while keeping your energy costs to a minimum. Review the process required to care for your unit by reading any information the manufacturer or installer may have provided.

Use the right filters and keep debris out of the cracks and crevices. This not only keeps your AC in optimal condition, it provides access to the airflow necessary to operate effectively. A clean unit will save on expenses while putting your mind at ease.

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