Save Money on Heating Costs this Winter

Many of us ask, “how can we reduce heating costs this winter?”

Heating your home can be one of your most significant utility expenses throughout the year, so it’s essential to make sure that you’re investing the money wisely. Before winter weather arrives, take the time to evaluate your home and your heating system to ensure that you’re saving as much energy as possible. Consider taking the following measures:

1. Utilize Solar Warming for Your Home

If you live in a home that gets a good bit of sun throughout the winter, make sure to open your shades during the day and enjoy the sunshine. Your home will stay warmer, and your circadian rhythms will stay more balanced throughout the short winter days. Allowing the sun in will help you use less heating oil throughout the cold winter months.

2. Insulate Your Pipes

Add insulation to your pipes so that the water that’s in them stays as warm as possible. Otherwise, each time the temperature drops, it will take more energy to warm your hot water and keep cold water from freezing. Consider adding foam insulation directly to the pipes, wrapping them with electrical heat tape to keep them warm, and insulating the area under your home where your plumbing is.

3. Stop Heat Loss

Plug up any gaps or cracks around your doors and windows. Anywhere that warm air can escape from your home, cold air can enter and create the perfect environment for ongoing heat loss. You’ll need to seal these areas up with foam insulation, spray foam, or by covering the windows entirely. There are insulating kits on the market that will walk you through the entire process, or you can work with a contractor to help you to insulate your home. Also, if you have a chimney, make sure the flue is closed.

4. Make Sure Vents and Radiators are Not Blocked

Remove all furniture and other large objects that may be in front of your radiator. The warm air must circulate freely. This will put less strain on your furnace, provide more warmth, and provide a safer environment.

5. Lower the Thermostat

How much money do you save by turning down the heat?

Lowering the thermostat will definitely help to reduce heating costs. While many of us are spending more days working from home, lowering the temperature during the day to 68 degrees and at night even lower can save you up to 10% on your heating bill. Of course, the percentage of savings will depend on how low you go. Installing a programmable thermostat is recommended for easier regulation setting.

6. Service Your Heating System

Before winter, have a professional service your entire heating system to ensure that everything is working at its best. Whether you have a high-efficiency boiler system, radiant, and baseboard, gas, electric, oil, or propane, to get the maximum heat for the least amount of money, the system needs to be functioning at its optimum level.

Start Saving Money on Heating Costs This Winter6 Top Tips for Saving Money on Heating Costs this Winter

To start saving money, take some time to insulate your home, ensure that there are no air gaps, let the sun in, make sure vents are clear, the thermostat is lowered to a cool but comfortable degree, and have your home heating system serviced.

Following all of these 6 top tips, you will be on your way to saving money on heating costs this winter.

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