4 Vital Spring Plumbing Projects

Spring means a lot of things from blooming flowers to spring cleaning, but it also means time for spring plumbing projects!

When tackling seasonal projects around the house, don’t forget to consider your home’s plumbing. Spring brings lots of changes in weather, which may impact how your plumbing system works.

This spring plumbing checklist will help you prepare your home for the upcoming season.

1. Inspect Your Pipes

The pipes are the heart of your home’s plumbing system. They’re responsible for bringing water to all areas of your home, primarily the kitchen and bathrooms.

Cold winter temperatures sometimes cause cracks in your pipes. Check for damp areas near the pipes or signs of mold.

Stains on the walls or on the floor beneath the pipes are signs of a possible leak. Stains on the walls might indicate an internal leak that needs immediate attention. Left too long and you’ll be facing serious water damage.

professional plumber can help identify the source of the leak and offer solutions.

2. Clean Fixtures

4 Vital Spring Plumbing Projects

Over time, soap scum, grime, and other particles can collect on faucets and showerheads, restricting water flow. Spring is the perfect time to thoroughly clean these areas.

The good news is, this is a fairly simple do-it-yourself plumbing project. Fill a bag with baking soda and vinegar, then attach it to the faucet or showerhead using a rubber band.

Leave the bag in place for about an hour. Once you remove it, run the water for a few minutes. Once the vinegar smell subsides, your water should flow much smoother.

3. Check from the Inside Out

4 Vital Spring Plumbing Projects

Many homeowners perform spring plumbing checks inside but neglect the outside of their homes. Don’t let this be you.

It’s important you check any outdoor pipes or plumbing as well. These are at even greater risk for cracking and wear and tear since they’re exposed to the elements. Exposed outdoor hoses have a high probability of freezing, which is why you should detach them before the cold winter temperatures set in.

Start by turning on outdoor faucets without a hose attached and look for any visible leaks. Also, listen to the water pressure.

Don’t be surprised to hear sputtering and air bubbles when you first turn on the water, especially if it’s been turned off all winter. Once the sputtering subsides, the water flow and pressure should return to normal.

If the water is trickling, flowing unevenly, or shows signs of low pressure, you may have a broken pipe, which requires professional plumbing services.

4. Yard Maintenance

4 Vital Spring Plumbing Projects

Believe it or not, yard maintenance is actually an important spring plumbing project.

Clean any leaves, trash, or debris from your gutters. As the winter ice begins to melt and spring showers roll in, this debris can clog your gutters causing flooding, leaks, and other water damage inside your home.

Get Ready with These Easy Spring Plumbing Projects

Spring is upon us and that means warmer weather and brighter days ahead! It also means it’s time to perform some basic spring plumbing projects.

These DIY plumbing projects guarantee your home remains safe and functioning properly.

If you uncover major issues or need help getting your home ready for spring, call the professionals at All A’s Plumbing and Heating.

In the meantime, browse our blog for other helpful tips and advice on properly maintaining your home’s plumbing and heating systems.