What Are The Most Compact Home Heating Systems?

If you need new heating equipment for a small house, addition, or mobile home, you might not have a lot of space to spare. Furthermore, a building may not need a particularly large system if it has plenty of insulation and energy-efficient windows. Consider these options when you’re looking for a compact yet convenient heating solution:

Ductless Heat Pump

An air-source or geothermal heat pump will conserve space because most of the equipment is installed outdoors. It also combines heating and cooling in a single system. If you choose a ductless model, it will only need thin conduits and small indoor units to deliver heat. Technicians usually install the air handlers on ceilings or walls.

Radiant Floor Heat

What are the Most Compact Home Heating Systems?

Geothermal heat pumps and boilers have the ability to produce hot water for floor-based heating. It’s also possible to install an electric-only system that doesn’t involve water. Although this isn’t the most affordable solution, it eliminates bulky ducts and radiators. You won’t have to contend with cold floors, and the entire room is heated evenly.

Electric Baseboard

If you install conventional electric equipment in your home, you won’t need any ducts, pipes, radiators, tanks, or a central unit. You can also independently set the temperatures in different rooms. However, the operating expense tends to be high. Hydronic baseboard units contain water or oil and work somewhat more efficiently. They also cost more, produce heat less quickly, and sometimes need additional maintenance.

Central Boiler

A gas, oil, or electric boiler saves space because it distributes heat through narrow water pipes instead of air ducts. Most units also supply hot water for washing and bathing. To reduce the size of this system, choose compact baseboard heating units rather than radiators. You could banish fuel tanks with an electric model, but it will probably cost more to run.

When evaluating the size of any heating equipment, be sure to think about the heat distribution system as well as the dimensions, design, and placement of the main unit. Learn about the size of any fuel tank. If you still prefer a furnace to the above-mentioned options, look for a model with a tall, narrow shape.

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